Lamiglas LX 96MS X-11 Series Fishing Rod Review

Lamiglas Fishing Rods – sense of control

Founded in 1966, Lamiglas is a company dedicated to the production of fishing rods with the main goal of constantly improving the performance of their products to increase customer satisfaction. They bring innovation after innovation at very affordable prices.

Lamiglas LX 96MS X-11 Series Fishing Rod

The X-11 series of these fishing rods are very sophisticated in their remarkable sensitivity and control of the fish. They are also highly affordable and with very high quality.

Prominent features:

  • Shape and length – The LX 96MS series rods are 9’6″ long, they consist of 2 piece medium action graphite spinning rod. They are tested under pressure of 8-12  pounds and with 1/4 and 3/4 ounce lures. For this price you will get longer rod then usual, but you will not sacrifice any sensitivity.
  • Cork grips and trigger reel seat – This rod provides a better and more comfortable, natural grip, which should help to improve your casting accuracy.
  • Glossy merlot finish – You will feel the stylish look and experience the beauty of the high class product on a very affordable price.
  • Great sensitivity and weight – This fishing rods features great sensitivity, high class and very durable materials, all at an affordable price.



The Lamiglas LX 96MS X-11 Series Fishing Rod is one of the best rods currently in the market. Lamiglas, with more than 66 years of experience are still providing and manufacturing high class products at a reasonable prices. The X-11 series features some of the most sensitive and durable fishing rods. The rod is designed for the toughest fishing conditions and for the biggest fans of mountain fishing.

Concluding remarks:

Lamiglas are proud to provide you with high class products and this rod is just another one their masterpieces. Click here to get it on sale over at with free shipping.