Sun Dolphin Journey SS Sit-On Fishing Kayak Review

Sun Dolphin proudly presents the newest fishing kayaks!

Sun Dolphin just released on the market their newest line of fishing kayaks and, like always, they are simply amazing and designed to become your most trusted fishing buddy for your trips. It is made for every fisherman who likes to take fishing to a whole new level and who enjoys to be closer to nature. With the newest model fishing kayaks this dream can become a reality and it is certain that your fishing trips will never be the same again. One of the most sold and discussed models this year is the:

Sun Dolphin Journey SS Sit-On Fishing Kayak, Sand, 10-Feet

This kayak will make your fishing experience much more extreme, fun and efficient. You can take it everywhere with you and you can always count on it. Fishing in a kayak is one of the biggest dreams of the average fishing man. Now you can afford to make this dream come true, because this product comes at a very affordable price – and it is great value for its quality.



Prominent features:

  • Materials – This functional fishing kayak is made from a specialized UV-Stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene, which will assure your safety during usage. This material is also extremely durable and will last for a very long time, so you can always enjoy your fishing trips at the optimal level.
  • Size – The kayak has the following dimensions: 10 foot length, 30 inches width and it weighs about 44 pounds. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This size makes it perfect for rivers and lakes.
  • Paddle holder with included paddle – This fishing kayak comes with a great bonus advantage – an included paddle, which you can place on the specially designed paddle holder. This makes it easier and faster to move in the water.
  • Seating area – In the kayak there is a very spacious sitting area with included protective pads for your safety during the fishing trip.
  • Rod holders – This fishing kayak includes two flush mount fishing rod holders and one swivel fishing rod holder. The designers took care of everything, so you can feel the maximum comfort while being in the kayak.



This 10 foot fishing kayak is suitable for every fishing trip. It is durable and will be part of your precious memories. It is very light and easy to carry as well.

Reported problems:

Some customers have reported that the paddle is too small for them.

Concluding remarks:

The Sun Dolphin Journey SS Sit-On Fishing Kayak is highly recommended for every fishing lover who is looking for a kayak that is lightweight, affordable but durable and sturdy.

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