Okuma’s Tournament Quality Bass Fishing Rods-EVX-CB-781Ma Review

Experience a whole new fishing trip with Okuma!

Okuma produces fishing accessories and supplies, which are famous for their simplicity and functionality. One of their latest models fishing rods is the newest star from the collection. Like all products of Okuma, it is extremely functional with a simple and classic design.

Okuma’s Tournament Quality Bass Fishing Rods-EVX-CB-781Ma (Black, 7-Feet, 8-Inches)

This fishing rod has a simple, but functional design and it is made to become the best friend of all the bass fishermen around the world. It will change completely the whole fishing experience and it will turn it into one pleasant, relaxing and fun activity, for which you will be always eager to do. It has a very light construction and a genuine designer look as bonus.

Prominent features:

  • Durable – This fishing rod is specially designed for bass fishing and it is made from a glass blank construction, which guarantees the rod’s durability. It will be your fishing partner for a long time and it will always perform like it was bought yesterday.
  • Stainless steel guide frames – This fishing rod has specialized ALPS guide frames, made from stainless steel. This adds extra character to this rod, making it more durable and improves its ability to stand the test of time.
  • Fuji ACS Trigger reel seat – This feature is added to the rod for your convenience and for the ultimate fishing experience. Choosing this model fishing rod will improve your performance and the results will surely come.
  • Limited lifetime warranty – All the qualities and the features of this exciting bass fishing rod are backed up the Okuma’s limited lifetime warranty. So why wait more? Now you have the opportunity to own this piece of art and to use it in your fishing trips.



This extremely light and at the same time strong and durable fishing rod is a great choice for every fisherman who is a fan of the bass fishing and wants to have a sturdy, functional, bass rod at the ultimate and most affordable price. It is a top quality product, and is made to go on fishing trips for years and years.

Reported problems:

The only disadvantage of this product is that comes disassembled in the package and you will have to assemble it yourself.

Concluding remarks:

Okuma’s Tournament Quality Bass Fishing Rods-EVX-CB-781Ma lives up to its brand quality. It has all the qualities you search for in a rod and at the same time comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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