Lew’s TS1SMB Tournament MB Speed Spool LFS Series 5.6:1 Review

Why choose the Lew’s TS1SMB Tournament MB Speed Spool LFS Series 5:6:1?

Do you always catch a lot of fish when you are fishing? One thing you should know or maybe you already knew about this, but for those who don’t, success in fishing is actually depends on how good your reel is. The reel is a place to hold or wind the fly line and backing. Catching fish is not based on luck but it is actually based on the performance of your fishing tools. So it is important in fishing that your reel must perform its functions well. Choose a reel that comes from a trusted name and a reel that is already proven for its effectiveness and performance. Choose the Lew’s TS1SMB Tournament MB Speed Spool LFS Series 5.6:1. It is a very good quality reel, and you’re bound to get a powerful performance out of it.



Prominent Features:

  • One piece die cast aluminum frame
  • Drilled and forged and double anodized aluminum U style pool
  • Premium 10 double shielded steel bearing system
  • Reel weight : 6.7 ounces
  • Multi Setting Brake System – which features both a magnetic cast control and a centrifugal braking system
  • Line capacity: 12/120
  • Bearings: 9BB + 1RB
  • Gear ratio: 5.6:1
  • Size: 6.7 oz/150 yd/12 lbs/5.6:1


Performance Evaluation:

The Lew’s TS1SMB Tournament MB Speed Spool LFS Series 5.6:1 is a very powerful reel. This reel performs all of its functions well and it is highly recommended by those who have already tried it. It fits fine and felt well balanced on the fishing rod. The handle on the spool is just enough that it will never slip out of your grip. The parts are made of aluminum so it won’t easily become rusted. It is also easy to clean.


I therefore conclude that the Lew’s TS1SMB Tournament MB Speed Spool LFS Series 5.6:1 is really a great choice for you. It gives you a high quality performance at a very reasonable price. If you want to make your fishing day successful with a lot of catch, use this powerful reel and you will never go wrong with it. With its durability and effectiveness it is worth its price. Even better, it’s currently on sale over at Amazon.com for a limited time so be sure to pick it up.