“Kattobi” Spool Bearing Kit – AIR BFS – « 1030air BFS & 1030air Bfs » for Shimano, Core, Chronarch, Antares, Calcutta, Aldebaran, Scorpion, Metanium (Baitcaster Fishing Reel)


“Kattobi” Tuning kit is special bearing for bait casting reels.

This item is selling 2 pieces as package deal.

Bearing size : 1030AIR BFS (3mm×10mm×4mm) & 1030AIR BFS (3mm×10mm×4mm)

With English instructions, even the beginner can easily replace bearings.

Please enjoy the upgrade of your reel!!

New model of AIR bearing, which has overwhelming rotation capacity, is now released. The new model is really good at cost performance.

The housing of AIR BFS (Bait Finesse Special)is detachable so that you can replace just the bearing when it become worn.

The super micro ball, which is feature of AIR bearing, is high-precision stainless-steel. The rotation is very smooth and silent.

The performance is quite helpful to cast light-weight lures.

“AIR Bearing” is Trademark patent of HEDGEHOG STUDIO Co.,Ltd.

■CORE 50MG/51MG/50MG7/51MG7
■CORE 100MG/101MG/100MG7/101MG7/100MGFV
■CHRONARCH D 100D/101D/100D7/101D7
■CHRONARCH E 50E/51E/200E5/201E5/200E6/201E6/200E7/201E7
■CHRONARCH Mg 100/101/100A/101A
■CURADO G 200G7/201G7/200G6/201G6/200G5
■CURADO E 50E/51E/200E7/201E7/200E5
■CITICA G 200G7/200G6/201G6/200G5
■CAENAN 100/101
■CAIUS 200/201
■CALCUTTA D 200D/201D/300D/301D/400D/401D
■CALCUTTA TE 100/101/200/201/300/301/400/401/400LJV
■CALCUTTA B 100B/101B/200B/201B/200GTB/400B/400BSV
■CARDIFF 100A/101A/200A/201A/300A/301A/400A/401A

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