“Kattobi” Spool Bearing Kit – AIR Ceramic – « 1150air & 1030air » for Daiwa, Steez, T3, Ryoga, Millionaire (Baitcaster Fishing Reel)


“Kattobi” Tuning kit is special bearing for bait casting reels.

It is a 2-pack set.

Bearing size : 1150AIR (5mm×11mm×4mm) & 1030AIR (3mm×10mm×4mm)

With English instructions, even the beginner can easily replace bearings.

Please enjoy the upgrade of your reel!!

super-high rotation bearing corresponding to the finesse fishihg with a baitcast reel which specializes the lure up to about 1g-14g

By the adoption of a small-diameter ceramic ball and high-strength molding housing,

you can cast lures of the MAX 1oz class, not to mention what is most suitable for finesse fishing with baitcast reel.

The bearing is NOT a weak design for exclusive use to finesse fishing with baitcast reel.

Having a rotary response by casting a ultra lightweight lure, you can taste the same sense as the use of normal bearing.

Once you try the “AIR” and cast it, you can feel the difference.

Please experiance the ultimate rotation performance of ” AIR bearing”.

“AIR Bearing” is Trademark patent of HEDGEHOG STUDIO Co.,Ltd.

To replace spool bearings, you need a “HEDGEHOG STUDIO Spool Bearing Remover”.


■STEEZ 100H/100SH/100HL/103H/103HL
■DAIWA Z 2020H/2020SH
■T3 BALLISTIC T3BLS100H/100HL/100HS/100HSL/100XS/100XSL
■T3 100H Limited Edition Red/Yellow
■T3 1016H-TW/1016HL-TW/1016SH-TW/1016SHL-TW
■T3 MX 1016H/1016HL/1016SH/1016SHL/1016XH/1016XHL
■RYOGA 1016/2020/H/HL/C1012PE-HW/C2020PE-H
■AGGREST 100H/100HL/100SH/100SHL/PE Special
■Millionaire Snakehead&Blacksheep 250/300
■Millionaire CV-Z 300/CV-X 300/Bay area SP 200BB

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