“Kattobi” Spool Bearing Kit – Zr – « 1150zr & 1030zr » for Daiwa, Steez, T3, Ryoga, Millionaire (Baitcaster Fishing Reel)


“Kattobi” Tuning kit is special bearing for bait casting reels.

It is a 2-pack set.

Bearing size : 1150ZR (5mm×11mm×4mm) & 1030ZR (3mm×10mm×4mm)

With English instructions, even the beginner can easily replace bearings.

Please enjoy the upgrade of your reel!!

The all-round bearing, with super-long casting specifications, handling lure weight from 5g to 50g or more.

The stable rotary performance achieved by highly precise stainless steel brings the growth of comfortable flying distance.

While being reasonable, the cast feeing is much better than ordinary ceramic bearing use.

It is all stainless steel bearing of HEDGEHOG STUDIO’s specialty.

The surface of the bearing is open type and the back side is shield type, which improves the maintenance performance.

To replace spool bearings, you need a “HEDGEHOG STUDIO Spool Bearing Remover”.


■STEEZ 100H/100SH/100HL/103H/103HL
■DAIWA Z 2020H/2020SH
■T3 BALLISTIC T3BLS100H/100HL/100HS/100HSL/100XS/100XSL
■T3 100H Limited Edition Red/Yellow
■T3 1016H-TW/1016HL-TW/1016SH-TW/1016SHL-TW
■T3 MX 1016H/1016HL/1016SH/1016SHL/1016XH/1016XHL
■RYOGA 1016/2020/H/HL/C1012PE-HW/C2020PE-H
■AGGREST 100H/100HL/100SH/100SHL/PE Special
■Millionaire Snakehead&Blacksheep 250/300
■Millionaire CV-Z 300/CV-X 300/Bay area SP 200BB