Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak Review

Why choose Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak?

If you want to have a fish kayak, you should choose the one that comes from a trusted name that is already proven for its products’ durability and safety. The Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak is created by Kayak World Products and has new and improved features and touches for a more good performance and value. The Sevylor C001 is widely recommended by many people because of its proven high performance and value.



Product Features:

  • Coast Guard compliant and NMMA certified Boston Valves – for easy inflation and deflation
  • Separate air chambers – for safety carry bag
  • Pressure gauge
  • 2-person angling kayak
  • 18-gauge PVC, a thick tarpaulin base and a tough nylon cover – which makes this kayak more durable and sufficient to get you to your preferred isolated fishing area
  • Numerous air chambers – will help you get back to shore
  • Modifiable seats – will keep you paddling pleasantly the entire journey
  • Sevylor trolling motor – if you want to move much more quickly you can use this motor
  • Berkley Quick set Rod Holders – will let you change your pole angle for the best hands-free fishing encounter. You will have time to relax your hands. Let the holders do their part
  • Mesh pockets – where you can put your gears and other things needed for fishing trip


Performance evaluation:

The Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak is highly recommended for its great value. It is very durable for it is come from the trusted name of Kayak World Products. The features of this kayak offers comfort and convenience for the user while fishing. It has a Coast Guard compliant and NMMA certified Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation. All the features here are surely built for your convenience and safety in fishing. The price of this product is very reasonable, so you will never regret your purchase.


Choosing the Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak is therefore the best choice for fishing. You are assured for its safety because it is proven by so many regular users of this kayak. The performance and durability is worth every penny you will spend in this purchase. Its features are built to give you comfort, safety and convenience while fishing; for example; the rod holders are build so you can  change your pole angle for the best hands free fishing encounter. Never be fooled by other products that offers cheaper price but also cheap quality. With this fishing kayak, you can go fishing in an isolated area feeling comfortable and safe while enjoying your time. The Sevylor C001 Colorado Hunt Fish Kayak is available on sale over at with free shipping.